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Press release / True King of The Bedroom

Vanillacooldance's "True King of the Bedroom" Street Art Campaign Ignites Safe Sex Conversation Throughout The Netherlands

Vanillacooldance's "True King of the Bedroom" campaign, launched in celebration of King's Day, has taken Amsterdam by storm with its vibrant street art and important message about safe sex.

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Amsterdam, April 27: The streets of Amsterdam are now adorned with Vanillacooldance's signature cartoons featuring the Dutch Royal couple. These playful yet impactful artworks have sparked important conversations about sexual wellness and the importance of open dialogue around safe sex practices. Vanillacooldance's campaigns are known for going viral, with over 2.4 million in reach on social media alone. This year, the buzz has already started, expecting to spark massive online conversations and widespread support.

On Sunday, April 21st, Vanillacooldance hosted a kick-off event at De Nieuwe Anita, inviting the community to join a "stickering" party and Q&A. The event was a huge success, with enthusiastic supporters coming from all over the Netherlands, even Germany and Belgium, to show their commitment to sexual safety and wellness.

"I am incredibly excited to already see the overwhelmingly positive reaction to my street art campaign," said Jessica Stahl, the Artist and Creative Director behind @vanillacooldance. "By using humor and creativity, I am able to make critical conversations around sexual health more accessible and inclusive. The success of this initiative underscores the growing movement behind my mission. I've already received messages of support, one mom even using the stickers and condoms to teach her son about safe sex."

On King's Day, Stahl and her dedicated fans will be distributing 1,000 custom illustrated condoms throughout Amsterdam to further promote safe sex practices. Royal Intimacy, a brand focused on developing healthier and inclusive sexual wellness products, is generously supplying the condoms. This campaign comes at a crucial time, as a recent RIVM report showed a 31% increase in gonorrhea infections among young people in the Netherlands over the past year. 

"With condom use on the decline & STIs on the rise, the timing to create awareness around sexual wellness has never been more important," continued Stahl. "I hope that by sparking dialogue through my street art and condom distribution, we can empower young people to get more comfortable speaking up about their sexual health and safety."

And this year, Stahl isn't going at it alone. WOMEN Inc., Umaversity, and Mail & Female have all joined forces to amplify the campaign message, recognizing its valuable contribution to sexual health awareness.

About Vanillacooldance & Jessica Stahl  


Jessica Stahl is the creative force behind Vanillacooldance, a vibrant cartoon series obliterating stigmas surrounding dating, sex, and female empowerment. Through unapologetically honest cartoons tackling everything from period sex to egg freezing, Stahl uses humor with a bite to fuel conversations.

Born from a personal creative outlet, Vanillacooldance has exploded into a global movement of over 60,000. Vanillacooldance's superpower lies in its unique ability to make taboo-topics approachable and relatable for a broad audience. 

This isn't Vanillacooldance's first True King campaign. She originally started in 2022 to stop our Queens from getting royally screwed in the bedroom due to inequalities like the Orgasm Gap. Her first artwork showed that A true King knows who comes first. Followed by a campaign to promote using toys in the bedroom in 2023. She has also launched street art campaigns in NY & DC following important legal decisions.

Vanillacooldance's influence is undeniable, with collaborations with renowned brands (LELO, Wisp, Feeld, Fruitz) and features in major publications (Linda, Huffington Post, Het Parool). Empowering workshops, viral street art campaigns, and daily content further fuel the movement, encouraging individuals to embrace their authentic selves.

High-resolution images of the artworks are available for download Media Kit. 
More images to come throughout the weekend.

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