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Meet VCD

Vanillacooldance is the outspoken, confident and shameless part in all of us.

Sparking the conversations we should be having about topics that are still taboo,  vanillacooldance is for anyone who wants to feel less alone.

A spicy role model for women who have nipple hair and wonder ‘am I normal'. For those who have never looked at their own vulva before. For men who don’t realize that most vulva-owners can’t achieve orgasm from intercourse alone...probably because most women grew up learning that they should ‘fake it.’

There's so much shame to unpack, and Vanillacooldance will be here to help you live shamelessly every step of the way.

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About the artist

Meet Jessica Stahl, the 33 year old tinder swiping, obviously stunning and clearly humble Founder, Creative Director and Cartoonist behind @vanillacooldance.

Jessica booked a one way ticket to Amsterdam 7 years ago when her boyfriend dumped her out of the blue. Upon arrival she swapped out her breakup tears, for a pen and watercolors, and voila - her alter-ego vanillacooldance was born. 


With over 10 years in the creative industry, Jessica uses her talents to create a world free of shame. Where women feel empowered and confident when it comes to life, love and sexuality. 

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