Fighting for 
Ladies' Liberty

The Supreme Court announced its decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. I have no words. I feel sick and outraged.

And in just one week America will be celebrating their freedom. But what about the independence of Americans with a uterus? We will not stop fighting and Lady Liberty WILL dominate Uncle Sam.

The vanillacooldance community is rising together to take over the streets with with life-size cut outs of the cartoon, stickers & posters all around the US.


Continuing to fight for Ladies' Liberty and fundraising for the National Network of Abortion Funds and Planned Parenthood.

Get involved below.

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This campaign is the initiative of vanillacooldance — the taboo-breaking Instagram webtoon. Creating a world, one illustration at a time, where insecurities about sex, romantic relationships and the human body don't exist because we openly talk about them.


Have a printer at home?

You can download the flyer (11.5 x 8 in) or poster (11 x 17 in) to stick up around town or bring to your protest.

Ask your local restaurants and shops if they would want to stick one up.      


Donate to National Network of Abortion Funds

Abortion funds can help people pay for an abortion, as well as help with transportation, lodging, childcare and other resources people need to access abortion. 


With our constitutionally protected right to abortion under attack, abortion funds are working non stop to make sure people can still access (and afford) abortion. Donations are split between more than 80 abortion funds.


Shop The Collection

40% of all proceeds go to Planned Parenthood