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Press release / Ladies’ Liberty


This 4th of July, American cartoonist Jessica Stahl spearheads a guerrilla campaign in which her community takes over the streets across the US. Supersized guerrilla street arts portray Lady Liberty dominating a submissive Uncle Sam to challenge misogyny in a reality where even Roe v Wade can be overturned.

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Washington DC, June 30: As America gets ready to celebrate its independence, one cartoonist is championing people to continue the fight for reproductive rights. Life-size cutouts of Lady Liberty dominating a submissive Uncle Sam, while he shouts ‘Freedom and Liberty for Women’s Bodies!’, will be on display in the streets of Brooklyn, Manhattan and Washington DC, to challenge the official ruling on Roe v. Wade.


“The twisted irony behind this year’s 4th of July is that any minute now, women’s reproductive liberties will be taken away”, says Jessica Stahl, the American artist and sexual empowerment advocate behind the taboo-breaking webtoon @vanillacooldance. 

“When I realised I was going to be in the U.S. the week leading up to the 4th, I knew I wanted to send a message — much like I did in Amsterdam for King's Day — that Lady Liberty will not let Uncle Sam take her down”, says Stahl."

The guerrilla art campaign will roll-out on the vanillacooldance Instagram, followed by street takeovers in New York and Washington DC. Additional posters and stickers will be strewn across 25 major U.S. cities, made possible by volunteer fans of Stahl’s message. 


“The campaign hasn’t officially launched yet and I am blown away by the response from the community. The number of people volunteering to support this campaign is a testament to the importance of it. Women from over 25 states are printing out posters and stickering their hometowns to spread the word.’


The official ruling on Roe v. Wade is predicted to be announced in either the last week of June or beginning of July which is why Stahl calls on everyone to take action for ‘Ladies’ Liberty’, and in doing so, keep the fight alive by donating to Planned Parenthood and calling representatives.


This campaign is supported by Long Island based Sea Change Holistic Wellness Center. Founded by Heather Simonson, voted Best of Long Island Sex Therapist. The Center is on a mission is to provide open, honest and sex-positive health education and therapy that addresses the unique needs of the whole person, family, and community.

About the artist: 


Jessica Stahl is an American cartoonist, creative director and sexual empowerment advocate living in The Netherlands. With her alter ego webtoon @vanillacooldance, she creates a world where insecurities about sex, romantic relationships and the human body don’t exist, because we can openly talk about them - with lots of laughs while doing so.


Vanillacooldance represents the confident, shameless part in all of us. With over 1000 comics and counting, she draws inspiration from her creator’s life, and also from the hundreds of submissions she receives weekly from the growing global Cool Dancer community of 43k+ engaged followers.


Over the years Stahl has created many viral moments, including most recently a guerrilla campaign featuring the King and Queen of the Netherlands caught in a compromising position, to highlight the orgasm gap.


Contact for more information and additional images: jessica@vanillacooldance


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